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Seafood Choices’ groundbreaking publications – from our industry market research to our sustainable seafood supplier directories – have provided a platform for change in the marketplace.

Sustainable Seafood Buyers Guides

The Good Catch Manual: A rough guide to seafood sustainability (U.K, 2008)
A manual for U.K chefs, restaurateurs and caterers that brings together key sustainability information in one easy-to-use resource. Includes questions to ask suppliers, top tips to improve sustainability and information from the Marine Conservation Society on over 50 seafood species consumed in the U.K market.

Guide des espèces (en français, 2008 & 2010)
The first sustainable seafood directory to be released in French-speaking Europe. The Guide des especes provides seafood buyers with environmental and scientific information on over 60 popular fish species.

Sourcing Seafood: A Professional's Guide to Procuring Ocean-friendly Fish and Shellfish (U.S., 2005 & 2007)
This resource identifies 450 suppliers of sustainable seafood as well as valuable information on over 50 species consumed in the U.S. Sourcing Seafood was created as a tool for professional buyers and others that understand and believe in the importance of smart seafood choices but do not know how or where to find it.

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Industry Research

Clicking the links below will automatically download the report as a PDF, unless otherwise noted. Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

The Marketplace for Sustainable Seafood Series:

U.S. Reports

The Marketplace for Sustainable Seafood series is a reference for those in the U.S. seafood industry working towards sustainability. They include groundbreaking benchmark research on two segments of the seafood value chain – chain restaurants and seafood wholesalers and distributors – and the 2008 version includes an update to 2003 research of the retail segment.  With this information, stakeholders in the U.S. seafood industry will be better equipped to develop strategies that enable consumers to make informed seafood choices – choices that ensure a healthy ocean and lasting seafood supply for years to come.

European Reports

The European Marketplace for Sustainable Seafood (full report, 2007)
This report is designed for all stakeholders in the European seafood marketplace. In particular, it is written for those that have requested more information on the current state of the seafood marketplace across the European Union. It is the Seafood Choices Alliance’s intent that this report will create increased awareness about the opportunities and challenges that we all face while working together to build the market for sustainable seafood.

The UK Marketplace for Sustainable Seafood  (full report, 2007)
This report provides information regarding UK seafood production, both wild and farmed, together with seafood trade. With global demand for seafood growing year on year, the UK like many countries, now imports more seafood than it produces domestically. The mounting demand for seafood worldwide is also being met by increased aquaculture production, and UK farmed seafood is a significant component in this rapidly expanding worldwide industry.

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Public Opinion Polling

European Polling

These reports present the key findings of the Seafood Choices Alliance’s first public opinion polling effort in Europe. Consumers, chefs, seafood buyers and media representatives were polled to gauge their opinion on the health of the ocean and attitudes towards sustainable seafood. The research focuses on the UK, Germany and Spain, which are of particular importance due to population size and the market for seafood consumption. The research findings support the hope that one day, the world’s currently overexploited fisheries will be carefully and sustainably managed.

U.S. Polling

  • In 2001, Seafood Choices Alliance undertook a comprehensive look at U.S. consumer and seafood professional’s attitudes on issues of seafood sustainability. In 2007, further surveys were conducted of retailers, chain restaurant decision-makers and wholesalers to uncover the influences and concerns of those buying seafood for resale to consumers. Summaries of results of this groundbreaking benchmark research are included in the U.S. Marketplace for Sustainable Seafood reports.

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